Real Estate

As regards investment in the recent years, most of the investors in the world either buy a dicey unknown stock hoping it would double overnight or are satisfied with just the regular dividends they earn forgetting that there is another viable investment option in Real Estate which, if done meticulously & under the guidance of an experienced person in this field, can be fruitful in the long run & can reap better one time dividend unlike dicey stocks.

Real Estate is considered to be the most safe and sound investment option and not without reason. The changing socio-economic conditions, fluctuating gold and stock market values have led to the emergence of Real Estate as the most preferred option for investment.

With this concept of helping investors investing their hard earned money, Scorpion Consultants have associated with them a very seasoned & poised Mr. Parkash Mittal, who is a pioneer in his field, having an experience of more than 30 years in the Real Estate industry & has been a part of big investment deals with the corporates & with the individuals.

Now a days, a real estate investment has become a novel investment mechanism in India. With the uncertainty in the value of rupee, real estate has been one of the lucrative investment options for non-residential Indians (NRIs) also. An NRI or Person of Indian Origin (PIO) can own both residential as well as commercial properties in India and there is no restriction on the number of properties you can buy. Also, the RBI's regulations on it are fairly easy as well.

Scorpion Consultants meet the challenge of investing client’s money according to his individual needs in the real estate, in order to establish a mutually beneficial relationship.
Regarding Investments, We, at Scorpion Consultants, always recommend that –

1. One should never depend on a single income & should make prudent investments to have an      alternate source of income.

2. One should never put all the eggs in one basket.

3. One should not check the depth of water with both the feet in order to avoid the risk.